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Why knock yourself out with a sledgehammer when you can sit back and relax while the pros at Junk-Gator take care of your demolition needs? Give us a call and save your muscles for the gym!


Need a light demolition service you can trust? Look no further than Junk-Gator. We handle it all - from planning to demo and clean-up - so you don't have to lift a finger (except to call us, of course).


And speaking of lifting, our upfront and fair pricing will give your wallet a break. So why stress about tearing down that shed when you can leave it to the pros at Junk-Gator?


Call us now and let's make your demolition dreams a reality!

Gazebo Removal


Transform your outdoor space from drab to fab with Junk-Gator! We're here to help you say goodbye to your old gazebos, tables, chairs, and any other unwanted items cluttering up your yard. 

Old Shed Removal


Is your shed on its last leg? Don't let a gust of wind or a downpour be its downfall! Junk-Gator has got your back (and your shed). Our skilled team can take it down safely and efficiently, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Old Deck Removal


Say goodbye to your old deck with Junk-Gator! Our skilled team will tear it down with expert precision and clean up all the scraps and debris. Call us now for a hassle-free demolition experience!

Old Fence Removal


Say goodbye to your old fence with Junk-Gator! We remove and haul chain link, wood board, vinyl, and all other types of fences, no job is too big or small. Call us now and let's make that fence vanish like magic!

Old Playground Removal


Ease your mind when parting with your playset, as we ensure its eco-friendly disposal. Through recycling, we salvage as much material as possible, reducing waste and contributing to a sustainable future.

Construction Debris


We offer more than just the basics. From cabinets to pergolas, and other small structures, we’re ready to take on most demo projects. Consult with our experts today to discuss your options and take the first step.

Garbage Recycling

Easy & Friendly Service

Think of us as your personal junk whisperers - we're quick, we're chirpy, and we're on a mission to provide you with top-notch customer service. We know you're not exactly in the mood to bond with your old possessions, so we'll gladly do it for you! From tidying up your tiny trinkets to tackling titanic tasks, we're up for anything, and our 5-star service is so bright, you might need shades!"

Affordable Pricing

Banishing your clutter can be a tricky task, because let's face it, every junk collection is unique - like a snowflake made of old lamps and broken chairs. That's why Junk-Gator Service is here to save the day with a range of flexible pricing options tailored to fit your needs. Whether you need a one-time quick fix or regular decluttering therapy, our rates will make your wallet smile.


Clean & Professional Crew

Listen up folks, we're the bees' knees when it comes to decluttering your life! Wave goodbye to your unwanted stuff without lifting a pinky, thanks to our pro-grade services. Our trucks are so decked out with heavy-duty equipment, even the Incredible Hulk would be green with envy. So go ahead and give us a ring, we'll handle everything from pick-up to small demolition. Say goodbye to the clutter, and hello to freedom!"


Citrus County's Small Demolition Service

All our junk removal services.

Storage Unit Clean OUt

Are you tired of the clutter in your storage unit? Let us help! Our team specializes in storage unit cleanouts, providing fast and efficient services to help you clear out any unwanted items. No matter how big or small the unit may be, we can handle it all.


Need to get rid of bulky items like a shed, playground, or outdated cabinets? We've got you covered! Our team has the necessary tools to disassemble anything, including above-ground pools. Let us handle the heavy lifting - call us today to say goodbye to clutter for good!


Stuck with a ton of junk? Our team is here to efficiently clear it out, so you don't have to. We work with  homeowners, contractors and property management companies, letting you focus on what matters. Call us now to say goodbye to your properties junk forever!


Need to get rid of bulky, unwanted items like an old hot tub, swing set, or appliance? Let us do the heavy lifting for you! Our team has the muscle and equipment to break it down and haul it away, freeing up precious space in your backyard. Don't risk hurting your back - give us a call today and reclaim your outdoor space in no time!


Tired of that old couch or mattress taking up space? Our expert team can remove any furniture, big or small, no matter the condition, with unbeatable prices. Don't let that saggy sofa bring you down - call us now and let us work our magic today!


If your yard is a hot mess at home and is causing chaos, we'll make sure you don't have to endure it day after day. Thanks to our same-day and next-day appointments, you can kiss those piles of yard waste goodbye faster than a squirrel stealing a nut!

What makes us different from other Citrus County Light Demolition Services?

Attention all! Are you tired of being surrounded by debris? Are you longing for a clutter-free environment? Look no further than Junk-Gator! We are a insured and trusted small demolition service in Citrus County that's got your back. Not only do we remove junk, but we also specialize in small demolition projects - because sometimes, breaking things is necessary (and we do it safely, of course). Our goal is to become the most dependable and cost-effective junk removal service in town. Ready to declutter and reclaim your space? Simply click the call now button on our website or fill out our email form, and we'll take care of the rest!

What you can expect when you call.

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Hey there! Are you drowning in a sea of junk and need a hero to save the day? Look no further! Our Citrus County junk removal service is here to rescue you! Our team of friendly junk-hauling experts will quickly and efficiently clear away all your unwanted garbage. Don't believe us? Give us a call now, and we'll show you that we're not just good at what we do, we're G-R-E-A-T!

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